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Friedrich Prem

Friedrich Prem was born in Vienna in 1968. As an auditor for construction projects for many years, he was confronted with the drawbacks of traditional procedures. In order to boost the quality of large-scale-construction project implementation to a new high level, he developed a completely new management system that defines the construction client as the customer and takes its bearings from this. In order to apply this management system, he changed roles and took on the role of construction orderer. As one of the most important Austrian orderers and construction client representative, he has been successful in applying this management system to large-scale construction projects with project costs of EUR 1 billion net.


Since 2006 Mr. Prem has been the head of the Technology Division of the Vienna Association of Hospitals (Wiener Krankenanstaltenverbund), which, with its 32,000 employees, is one of the largest host organizations in Europe. In this capacity, one of his responsibilities is the new construction of several general hospitals and the implementation of their technical facility management.

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